Dominique Ferraro has always had a wild side. My passion for zebras started when I was very young. My mother always had horses in her life. I grew up with a very disciplined riding career, and competed in Dressage, Three Day Eventing, and now competes in The Extreme Cowboy Challenges. I competed in the 2011 Extreme Mustang Make Over competition held in Norco Ca. Where she held first place in two days of competition. Won 3 overall in the competition. With my Mustang Spider. I have always followed my ambitions and goals. In 2003 I was out of School and was bound and determined to get into my real love for zebras. I searched far and wide for the perfect zebra. I purchased my first zebra from a private breeder on the California Coast. A two year old Grant Stallion! As I said Boy was I in for a wake up this was no striped horse. I was intrigued with the way his mind worked so different from our equines, but yet very similar. I was determined to train him to be gentle. It took about 8 months for him to be somewhat gentle and halter broke. This was very rewarding. I could do things with him once he trusted me. We were unstoppable! Now I was hooked! I wanted a barn full of zebras. Zebras were going to be my life path. Since then I pride myself on a gentle herd, top quality and good breeding program. We carefully select our stallions and mares. We know breeding dates. We also hand feed all our zebras so that there foals become accustom to people and normal regiment of daily care. We want our clients to have the best zebras out there! We strive to have happy wholesome animals. With God leading this wild journey... it is very rewarding. I look forward to our conversation.

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Dominique Ferraro