Zebra Baby for Sale

Zebras R Us is offering healthy Zebra Baby for Sale, Also we have several quality zebra foal available each year at affordable prices.

Zebra Baby for Sale

We have several quality zebra foal available each year. There are a few things you should take into consideration before you decide to commit to a new baby. Zebras adorable they are but are still zebras and might not fit into your life. Zebra babies require a lot of attention, love, and nurturing. We DO not let our babies go under 3/6 months old! We do everything we can to ensure a good foundation. These are my precious babies. There are several ways we can raise foals. Bucket,Bottle, and ... sshhhh... our home grown secret. Depending on the future life style the zebra is going to have with there new family, is what determines how we will raise it for you. Before foals can go to the new homes they are inspected by a vet to ensure there health. We have 3 different stallions all with there own mares so we make sure of our bloodlines. And we can make sure you can buy breeding pairs from us. Our typical colt will sell for $8500 and our fillys are $10,500. This price includes a zebra, weaned, foundation halter breaking and 3 months of training with Dominique Ferraro. And if you want to participate in any Z.R.U clinics they are free through out the year. We pride ourselves in the best zebras in the world. And getting you the perfect zebra to fit into your life.We have even shipped to Africa. So when your ready give us a shout. 

Tall, Dark and Handsome!

This boy sure is going to be nice! Born June 29,2015 . Out of a very kind gentle mare. We will pull and raise the way you want! Give us a call to add this little cutie to you're herd. We can help with transport arrangements. $6500 


Here is a beauty, one of the tallest little fillys yet.  She is just a beauty.  Her sweet attitude is a giant bonus!  She is so kind and loves attention. 




Baby Girl Sweet kind and such a beautiful personality. Very curious and wants to be the star of the pasture. She is so eager to learn and LOVES attention. Easy to halter and wants to be your best friend. 



Zimba, is a wonderful little grant zebra. Born 8/1/14. Sweet Personality plus. Zimba will always keep a smile on your face. We work with Zimba daily. Zimba has already been halter broke and leads like a dream. We also have used him for a few major events. This little boy and his brother are a crowd favorite. They want attention and lots of love. He lives with his sister zebra, horses, mini donkeys, a watusi, a baby camel and a few goats. Looking for a special loving home.



This foal is so precious, spunky` and enjoying life!.

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Java's Foal

Java's foal is one of the sweetest ever.

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This baby is a looker!

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Liz's Foal

Golden like the sun, this foal is very unique.

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Tex- Yup howdy yall , were offering a dream come true. A remarkable young proven stallion. Tex is a 5 year old grant stallion. He has bread zebra mares and also has been caught wooing the donkey girls. He has 3 donkeys in foal 2 zebras and one horse. He is a delight to have on any ranch. He is very calm and easy to load move and work with. He will come up for carrots but is not pushy in any way. He is a true gentleman. He will be sold with his two favorite donkey girls. 



Mr. Bratty pants. ZeeBee will always have a special place in our hearts. He is a colt we hand raised. We are ecstatic about the way he has matured. Wonderful conformation, striking color big black bold stripes. And he is a wonderful daddy and so gentle with the ladies. He is currently breeding a few zebra mares and will breed donkeys. He is offered to the right home.