Zebra Rescue

Zebras R Us is dominating in zebra rescue, which is a very costly mission. We saved 14 zebras in 2014 as our zebra rescue mission. 

The zebras r us team will travel many hours on end anywhere in the country to go save our striped friends. As of 2014 we currently have 14 zebras that we have saved. Our goal is to rescue two or more zebras per year. It is a very costly mission. Our rescue zebras go into our Safe Haven Rehabilitation Program. Rehabilitation zebras take many years for the animals to fit into there herd and trust people again. 90% of our rescue zebras come from live hunt list. Where they are destined to be shot for pleasure it makes me sick! These poor zebras are so scared when they arrive, even a car or tractor back fire will send them into a panic as they have flash backs of being shot at. We provide a loving calm environment for these beautiful animals to live stress free and with the comfort of knowing this is there last home. 


Zebras are my life, my passion, my drive. I love them I try everyday to help make their lives the best it can be. Through out the years I have received many calls to help rehab or rescue these beautiful animals. We have never turned one down. In recent years Zebras R Us will put away 50% of proceeds to the rescue zebras.


"Zena" the Zonie's Rescue

January 1,2014 What a great way to start the year. We were contacted by Falcon Ridge Rescue owner Nicki Branch to see if we could possibly house this adorable Zonie she called Zena. We stared making arrangements. Zena has had a very hard life she was severely abused in her younger years, roped tied down, kicked, and starved. When Nicki herd about this she came to the rescue and got Zena to her facility. Nicki has taken great care of Zena while in her care. Nicki noticed that Zena was missing something lonesome for a friend like her. When she contacted us I was thrilled, as I have a Zorse who is part of our rescue program and feels left out so these two are a match. Zena will live out her days here at Zebras R Us. She was so happy to be in a 60 acre grass pasture with striped friends! She now romps around and is actually a leader. She is so happy and fits into our pastures perfectly. She is no longer different. 



This is Maddison. She is a beautiful 5 year old grant zebra mare. This photo was taken the day I picked her up from a horrible situation. She had been darted collapsed and physically wrenched into a trailer to go to a auction for a hunting sale. A friend called and made us aware that this girl was on her last leg this was her last chance. We contacted several people to stop the trailer! That we would come get her. To our surprise she was also with two other zebras the sex and ages were unknown. We said were coming to get them. They were 36 hours away, half way across the country! We rushed there that moment. When we arrived one zebra had already passed and the second zebra we call Blanca had a little foal in the holding pin. Poor Blanca foaled in a 20x20 holding pin with a dead zebra and poor Maddison by her side. When I showed up the zebras where exhausted and very depressed and so sadden you could tell by there eyes they had no will to live. I sat next to the girls and cried just sadden by humanity. How could anyone do this to these beautiful creatures? I told the girls they were beautiful and to stay strong. They were going to a zebra paradise full of lush grass fresh water and a zebra family to live there forever. They would have love and NAMES and be cared for forever.They would never be re-homed or threatened. They soften there eyes and came to me as if they were thankful. I put them on electrolytes and fed them hay and carrots. I could not load these poor animals in that condition. I got a hotel room and let the girls and new foal, some what hydrate up before the journey back to CA. The next 24 hours were crucial for these girls to drink eat and de-stress. After I waited days to get on the road. It was the day to load. I prayed that night and asked God to help me make these girls strong and trust me... I swear it was a miracle as I arrived I told the girls there going HOME.. Not any sooner did they get anxious and almost excited the baby started to buck and play! And the girls stood at the gate as if they knew they were going somewhere great! It was working I open the trailer door then the door to there holding pin and with in the blink of an eye the girls were in! But... the baby was not following .. Blanca looked back from the trailer at her foal and called  several times. I stepped into the holding pin with the foal witch is a no no as mother zebras are very possessive, but as soon as I went in the holding pin the foal RAN to me circled me and almost was pushing me to hurry up as if she didn't want to leave me behind! I actually pet the new baby and loved on her she was not afraid at all. That is when I saw the baby was a little girl! I showed her the opening to the trailer and she jumped in with ease! It was remarkable. I shut the trailer door winked at the Zebras and said girls were on our way home! Thirty some odd hours later we arrived home! The girls were weak and tired from the haul. I had the friends at the ranch prepare there pasture before we arrived! As we backed up to there new pasture they perked up. Our zebras saw them in the trailer and started calling to them and telling them your home you home! Welcome.. As we opened the trailer the girls walked off and baby bounced out right behind Momma Blanca! Maddison and Blanca were at ease they looked back at me and had a grateful look, a look of contentment , and as if they were finally at peace now at home. It has been over year since that day, Maddison and Blanca are two very remarkable girls we adore. They live a happy life and will never be re-homed! 


When we got Blanca we're assuming she was shot in the leg. Here are the photos, we have completely healed her wounds.