Meet the Girls

Meet The Girls of Zebras R Us

BONNY is one of our original mares. We love her! She has produced some exceptional babies, always have been fillies. She throws big bone and great dark black stripes. She is very horse like, good square confirmation big hip nice shoulder. She is super gentle. Her mother and father were hand raised which made her just a perfect angel. She passes her temperament to her foals. 

LIZ is our F-1 mare she is a cross between a Grant zebra and a rare Damara Zebra. Her percentage is 75% Grant and 25% Damara We bread her this way to get her colorful coat pattern, she is so rare and just a beautiful zebra to look at. She really shows great modeling of the Damara and full stripes of the Grant. She is really one of a kind. Her foals are so colorful they go quick. Notice her cute baby doll head and her silk dark velvet like muzzle. She passes her dishey refined head to her foals. Damara zebras have been known to be very easy to handle and good to work with. This seems to be true in her case. She is a pleasure to own and work with.

SALBE will always live here at Zebras R Us. Salbe had a very hard life before she was rescued by husband Dalton. He saw an ad for real live zebra hunting, this turned his stomach. He did some research and found out this beautiful zebra Salbe was on the hunt list! He was outraged and called and bought her. He couldn’t imagine this beautiful animal being killed!! We went to get her immediately. She sadly had a slipped disk in her spine and a fractured face. After many months of rehab. She now frolics and lopes around our pasture and calls to us when we give her grain. She has been given the green light to be bred for a 2013 foal. We are very excited to let her be happy and live out her life here as a momma. Salbe will always hold a special place in our hearts.

JAVA is a wonderful mother. We love Java she came to us from a pasture wild as could be.. Within 6 months she was eating out of our hand! We named her Java because of her light brown nose.. She has fallen in love with the domestic way of life. She has a truly gentle nature! She is very special to us. Her first foal she had right in front of us at 4 pm. She really went out of her way for us to have the privilege to watch her give birth. We even got to imprint the foal. She is a wonderful mom. She is a medium sized mare with a good wither, which makes her foals possible riding zebra candidates. She has a nice head with cute short ears. She has very wide black stripes. Half down and half due at weaning…


Our precious little girl. Lala is a F1 grant and chapman zebra. She is stunning in person. Her perfect confirmation and her sweet attitude is icing on the cake. She is a true love bugg. We are excited for her 2015 foal. She is in foal to Zee Bee. 


Miss Franie is a very nice zebra mare. She is very large and has nice movement. She loves horses and all young babies. We were so pleased with her 2014 foal. She really was a great first time mom. With her being gentle its so easy to play with her foals. Stress free and uncomplicated great mare to own. 


She is known as our "white" zebra. Yes white looking at her in person you can tell she is white. She is a kind old soul people have been so mean to her. Looking into her eyes she is just a kind sweet girl. We have had her in our rehabilitation program and she is coming along. The best moment was when she got the courage to take a carrot from our hand. It was so amazing that she let her guard down and wants to connect. She is a wonderful girl. And a loving mother. 


Our biggest mare with a bigger heart! Gosh I dont pick favorites but geese this girl is NICE I love her. She is such a joy. She is first to greet you and loves attention. She is a nice big girl her foals will be ones you will be able to ride. They are always huge and they grow like weeds. She is a wonderful girl.