Zebras Breeding

Zebras Breeding helps to create such a beautiful animal as Zebra through different ways as belonging naturally.

Zebras Breeding


Growing the herd

 Zebras R Us takes breeding so serious. I Dominique, have been in the equine industry for many years and I personally know how important genetics are. As a breeder these are my thoughts...

...The first thing I look for in a future breeding zebra mare or stallion is TEMPERAMENT.  Does the zebra have a good mind? Does it think before it react? Is it a fighter or flighter? Is the zebra a jumper? These are behaviors I look at, and ask are these personally traits something I want to pass to there offspring. Secondly I look at the confirmation. Is the zebra correctly proportioned? How are the zebras legs, feet, top line, ect. overall body tone. Looking at the zebras confirmation, I look at Stallions differently than the mares. I want a stallion with a very short back, deep girth, good bone mas, straight legs, and a nice head. I often like a much smaller stallion not a big massive boy, just small and correct. Now the mares I like to have a longer back, good legs, top line and actually like a nice big bodied mare. The reason I like my mares bigger is all for future breeding. A big bodied mare will have less struggle foaling. And a longer back means more room for the babies to grow and not be cramped up during development.

Now the last thing I look at is COLOR. In the zebra world I have found first thing other people talk about is color. Color color color.. How good a zebra's color is. Well personally I don't care if you have the best COLOR on a zebra if it is crazy, in bread,  and has bad confirmation you have a mess on your hands! Our herd is made up of 90% grant zebras. But we also have some beautiful chapman/grant crosses. We refer to them as our F1 (First Generation F1) crosses. Meaning we breed a pure bread grant zebra to a pure chapman zebra and the result is a F1 ( First generation ) cross. Then the offspring from that is a F2. These zebras are stunning! See our mares Liz and LaLa They are F1 offspring. When purchasing a zebra the stripes should be your last concern as they are mine in the over all picture. My goal is to breed healthy,calm,correct zebras.